Kung Fu Panda 2

Wow. Who would have thought that my first post on this blog would be about a film, and a PG one no less. Now before you all go slating me for showing this to my toddler boy, hear this. Kung Fu Panda 2 is a beautiful masterpiece of delight. It also just happened to be on the Sky movies package this month.

I showed it to my little one last week and now, he is suitably obsessed. His previous taste was limited to Toy Story 3, Rio and Puss in Boots but now the panda is the shiznit. (As an aside, I said shiznit the other day and he copied me. I have yet to decide whether this is a bad thing.)

So, the hilarious thing about this is that, during chase scenes he runs around the living room and in another scene where the panda and the tiger are sparring against the tiger’s flat hand, he thrusts his hand out in exactly the same way. It makes me chuckle every time. 

I can only guess that it is a PG because of the kung fu content (? no idea) but I don’t consider that to be bad given that he’ll probably end up studying martial arts one day anyway. He’s learnt new words though: radish, peacock, inner peace etc. (the last one is hilarious when you hear him say it). 

Now I know there are loads of people out there who think that the under 2s shouldn’t even watch TV at all. Any comments or opinions welcome. I know you might not all agree with me, but some of the stuff out there for kids is absolutely great in my opinion. If my boy ends up being a violent sociopath with a poor attention span I’ll let you know though…Image